Annual Gem Awards Results

(Beginning after location change of 2020)


2023 GEM Award Winners


Best Play: The Last Night of Ballyhoo


Spotlight Award: Michelle Hall and Carol McDonald


Best Lead Actress: Allyson Rose (Water by the Spoonful)


Best Lead Actor: Kevin Wellfare (The Christians)


Best Supporting Actress: Alix Golden (Ballyhoo)


Best Supporting Actor: Malachi Campbell (Ballyhoo)


Best Featured Actress: Caitlin Cairns (Ballyhoo)


Best Featured Actor: Dillon Rasberry (Ballyhoo)



2021 GEM Award Winners

Best Play: Greater Tuna

Mary Wilbur Award: Rev. John Malget

Volunteer of the Year: James Gordon

Best Ensemble: Steel Magnolias

Best Lead Actress: Toby Tobin (Yellow)

Best Lead Actor:  Morgan Brown (Greater Tuna)

Best Tech/Crew/Design: The Vultures

Best Supporting Actor: Derek Kenney (Gaslight)

Best Supporting Actress: Lana Henson (Steel Magnolias)

Best Featured Actress: Chris Harris (Steel Magnolias)

Best Featured Actor: David Patterson (The Vultures)

Male Newcomer: James Coplen (The Vultures)

Female Newcomer: Meredith Harrison (The Vultures)

2022 GEM Award Winners


Best Play: A Streetcar Named Desire


Mary Wilbur Award: Isaiah Williams


Volunteer of the Year: Michelle Hall


Best Ensemble: An Unspeakable Triumph of Supreme Brilliance


Best Lead Actress: Renee Krapff (Streetcar)


Best Lead Actor: Rob May (An Unspeakable Triumph)


Best Tech/Crew/Design: Whitney Hendricks (Brief Encounter)


Best Supporting Actor: Sean Spencer (Streetcar)


Best Supporting Actress: Maddie Wall (An Unspeakable Triumph)


Best Featured Actress: Julia Watts (The Amen Corner)


Best Featured Actor: James Coplen (An Unspeakable Triumph)


Best Male Newcomer: Darian Featherstone (The Amen Corner)


Best Female Newcomer: LaTasha Featherstone (The Amen Corner)